Chattogram is the second largest city of Bangladesh. Since 1971, the population of the city has grown from about 0.5 million to more than 4.0 million in 2017. The city area has also expanded. The total area of Chattogram and suburban areas (including proposed Hathazari and Sitakunda) is around 270 sq. km. Between 1974 (77 sq. km.) and 2007, the built-up area has increased by around 250%.

This kind of growth presents tremendous challenges to the utility authorities in providing utility services. CWASA is striving hard to keep pace with the city development.

Summary of Existing Facilities of  CWASA

Facility Quantity Capacity
Surface WTP 2 no. 222 MLD
Ground WTP 1 no. 68 MLD
Deep Wells 71 nos. 104 MLD
Pipeline 610km 760 km
Reservoirs 14 46,142 ML
HL & Booster 4 & 3 -
Service Conn. 68,556 nos. (October, 2017) -

Development of CWASA

Works 2009 2018
Production of Water 160 MLD 290 MLD
Deep Wells 1 nos. 71 nos.
Water Distribution and Circulation Pipeline 613km 760km
Service Connection 45077 nos. 71,531 nos. (August, 2018)
Inauguration of Bill Pay System Consumers can pay water Bill into Bank. Consumers can also pay the bills through Robi and Grameen phone Bill Pay system.
Water Bill and other info Consumers can contact with the CWASA office for Water Bill and other info. Consumers can  collect water bill and other necessary information from CWASA Website.
System Loss 33% 22%